Our story so far

From humble beginnings in our lounge room, we have worked tirelessly, designing and constructing strong, flexible, lightweight skateboards that live up to our own expectations.

Each of our handcrafted boards are made with a composite of natural bamboo and Canadian maple. This allows our boards to have the desired strength whilst still giving the rider comfort and control.

We know that any good product is an extension of the user and we have designed bottle boards to be precisely that! Show your support and join us, tearing it up and on the streets of Melbourne!

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Standard page
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Bottle Boards made from?

Each board is crafted using a compisite of Bamboo and Canadian Maple veneer, with industry standard water based glue. Each board is finished with hand screen printed artwork and coated in a marine grade finish.

Do you wholesale?

Yes! We are currently stocked in a few stores across Victoria and are always keen to find more. Send us an email at info@bottleboards.com.au and we will get in touch with all our wholesale/stockist info.

Where are you located?

Bottle Boards is located on the Mornington Peninsula. This is where we press, cut and finish the boards. All orders are processed here from our factory.

Which board is right for me?

We have created our range of board so that you can find your perfect fit! Each board is very versitile and can be used anywhere, however the boards are descirbed as:

The Stubbie -Taking reference from the origins of skating, The Stubbie is great for riding around bowls and pump tracks

The Middy - A classic cruiser shillouette, best for commuting around the local streets or down to the beach 

The Schooner - Our take on the classic vert deck, easy to get around on, and best if you are looking to do a bit more park skating

Can I pick up my order?

Due to current restrictions, all orders will be delivered through the post. We do not currently have the facilities to allow pick ups.

How do you plant a tree for evey Board?

We have teamed up with One Tree Planted, an organisation that is operating globally to help rebuild our forrests. For each and every board sold we make a donation to them that helps them plant trees through Australia.